Flexible Brush

Flexible brush neck extends to easily maneuver tough-to-reach areas. Perfect for long narrow spaces, such as wine decanters, pitchers and vases


  • Extended 13.5” brush reaches around corners and into deep containers
  • Twist to easily extend handle
  • Without spring extended it is perfect for tall glasses, bottles and muffin tins
  • The brush head is easily replaceable. It simply screws on and off
  • Replacement soft & firm brush heads available
  • Comes with soft bristle brush
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Use and Care:

    To extend handle hold spring and turn handle “clockwise”

    To change brush head hold spring and turn brush head “counter-clockwise”


11”/30cm – Extended 13.5”/34cm

SKU: 746867Categories: Cleaning, Cleaning Tools

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